King Koil roots can be traced all the way back to 1898. It was founded by Samuel Bronstein as part of his dream, “creating a mattress on which you want to sleep forever”. Now, what started out as six employees in a small factory has now become a worldwide phenomenon.

King Koil is the retail arm of DreamMaster is a leading European bedding brand that produces high-end beds and bases for the world’s major hotel chains. We are the number one Pocket Spring Mattress manufacturer for the Hospitality Industry in this region, and our products are handmade using the highest quality raw materials which are sourced from the top suppliers all over the world.

We have been operating in Thailand since 2011 and have created the King Koil brand to allow customers to be able to shop directly from us to bring that piece of hotel luxury directly to their homes.

Sleep is one of life’s absolute essentials; like food, water and air, we all need it. The better your quality of sleep, the better your quality of life. So our goal is simple: to give our customers the deepest sleep and maximum comfort through our mattresses and accessories. Helping our customers feel healthier and happier is what helps us sleep at night!

We hope that you enjoy your purchase with us and look forward to serving you again soon.

Napaporn Swegwan
Managing Director, King Koil.


DreamMaster is the top European bedding brand that produces high-end beds and bases for the world's major hotel chains.
Every mattress is carefully designed to offer ultimate performance and comfort.



Repeatedly tested to ensure the highest quality. Stability weight support and pressure distribution are tested over 100,000 times using an Impact Testing Machine that applies 230 pounds of pressure.


A Cornell Testing Machine will further test the mattress using its ‘Rollator’ which applies 260 pounds of pressure.