10 steps guide to getting a Mattress

I know how tedious you think buying a mattress can be. Choosing the right brand, the right size or even the right way to get it home can be a lot of work and I’m sure everyone had been through this struggle already.

That’s the reason why I have listed 10 steps you can follow to find the perfect mattress in the blink of an eye!

Step 1 Realizing you need a new mattress

Mattresses were not designed to last forever so changing your mattress is quite important. If you didn’t know, you need to change it approximatively every 7 years to have healthy sleep on it. By the time you notice that your nights aren’t that energizing anymore, it totally means that it’s time to go mattress shopping.

Step 2 How to choose the right mattress

Buying a mattress seem complicated, but it’s actually not that difficult!

Before buying a new mattress, you just need to study a little :

  • Look for the different types of mattresses available : do you prefer a soft one? a firm one? what bed size do you need?
  • Make sure to look for the differences between Latex, Pocket Spring and Memory Foam mattresses
  • Also, know how much you are ready to invest in it

Although comfort is subjective, it is all about your preferences. By doing this in advance, you will easily find the product that matches your expectations and your available budget to get amazing night’s sleep

Step 3 Looking for a mattresses shop

These days, getting a mattress is quite effortless: our new technology allows customers to receive their products delivered at home in a box. You can also come to visit one of our shops to try the products if you don’t have a specific idea on which one to buy, we will be glad to advise you.

Step 4 Try the products and make yourself at home

Take your time to try every position you could possibly go through in a night and see if you feel comfortable and when I  say every position I mean EVERY position.

Step 5 Try mattresses with different tops and different materials as the feels and support levels differ

This will help you picture how you will feel at home with every kind of tops when lying in bed.

Step 6 Feel Free to ask questions

If you don’t understand something or you have any doubt, ask a salesperson to help clarify things.

Step 7 Narrow your selection

In order to see choose the best mattress that suits you, you should narrow down your selection to 2 or 3 products before arriving at your final decision.

Step 8 Make your final decision

Make the final decision on the mattress that suits you best and your retailer will arrange the delivery and the removal of your old mattress for you.

Step 9 King Koil 90 Days free trial

Buying a mattress is not an easy decision and trying the mattresses at the store maybe not be enough. King Koil understand this, that is why we have a 90 days trial period for testing the mattresses. Take the mattress home, sleep on it and make sure decision 90 days later.

Step 10 Choose a mattress on which you want to sleep forever

This is more like a tip than an actual guide but choose a mattress that you won’t regret buying, something that you want to sleep on forever.

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