Why should I invest in good quality mattresses?

Problems of sleep deprivation 

It is a well-known fact that sleep deprivation correlates with lower productivity levels. This is due to “the fatigue, short temper and lack of focus” (NHS, 2018) experienced by the individual. More importantly, a prolonged period of a lack of sleep can “affect your overall health and make you prone to serious medical conditions, such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes” (NHS, 2018). 

It is clear that a good night’s sleep is very important but what are the obstacles to achieving this? 

Causes of sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation can occur due to various reasons, some of which are outside a person’s control such as certain medical/psychiatric conditions (sleepfoundation, 2019) but some of which are within a person’s control. Specifically, lifestyle and a person’s sleeping habits have been shown to impact the quality of your sleep. I am sure that you must have heard that looking at your phone/laptop until late at night or even drinking caffeinated drinks after a certain hour can prevent you from falling asleep swiftly. Whilst this is true, people often overlook the importance of the bed itself.

Have you ever been camping? If yes, have you ever felt tired and sore when waking up? And why is that? Well, the odds are that you probably rested on some poor-quality mattress/sleeping bag and could feel the hard ground all night long thus disturbing your sleep. This example might be a bit extreme but it helps highlight the point that the quality of the surface you are sleeping on deeply impacts the quality of your sleep. Since a person spends on average 1/3 of their life in bed, it is clear that a good quality sleeping surface is crucial for your wellbeing. 

Bad mattresses: why you should avoid them

You can find mattresses anywhere and at any price point. So why should you invest in slightly more expensive but higher quality mattresses? Let me list you a number of problems related to a “bad” mattress and how King Koil helps you overcome these issues.

Firstly, bad mattresses can become a potential source for hygiene issues. In fact, research has shown that a person sweats on average “about a quarter of a litre of liquid each night, which goes straight to our mattress […] which leads to mould which leads to spores”. These can then attract dust mites “which can cause real problems for those who suffer from symptoms of asthma and can even exacerbate skin conditions such as eczema” (thesleepjudge, 2019). King Koil uses bamboo fabric to cover its mattresses which is a powerfully insulating material thus giving it a cool feeling when you touch it. In turn, this helps minimise sweat loss. Furthermore, bamboo has antibacterial properties which keeps you odour free (fibre2fashion, 2008). These features help ensure that you can sleep in the most hygienic conditions possible. 

Secondly, ill-designed mattresses can often be detrimental to your posture. King Koil’s mattresses are manufactured using a system of pocket springs which provide each of the seven zones of the body (head, shoulders, back, hips, lower back, thighs and lower legs) optimum support to help the spine stay in the proper position and be fully-supported all night long. Moreover, if you are sleeping with a partner of a different weight, pocket springs ensures that this weight is spread evenly thus helping significantly to reduce motion transfer across the bed which, as a result, guarantees undisturbed sleep. 

Last but not least, the perfect mattress for a person is very subjective. For example, one person might prefer a rigid mattress whilst another person might prefer a softer one. Most mattresses will be designed to find a middle-ground (i.e. not too rigid but not too soft) however this is not the optimal approach. At King Koil, we believe that a person should not have to make a compromise when choosing a mattress but should be able to choose the one that fits his/her needs the best. As such, we produce a variety of different mattresses (from soft to rigid), all of which are the top-quality for each category. 

In conclusion, purchasing a mattress can seem like a trivial thing for most people. However, this is far from the reality as sleep is one of the most important aspects of our lives. Choosing a mattress that fits your needs is crucial for your wellbeing and should not be seen as a simple purchase but rather as an investment for future years. 



by William Weick 


What makes Latex Bed Popular?

    What makes Latex Bed Popular?

Latex is one of the most popular mattress core materials around. Latex in its natural form comes from the sap of a rubber tree. It offers incredible comfort and pressure relief and contains hypoallergenic characteristics. But is that all there is to natural latex? Through these blogs, you will know why latex Bed is popular and why you must have it.


Luxury: Latex is pure soft and smooth. It helps to support the body with proper blood circulations and release the extra pressure creates by the body. It adjusts the body dynamically. Data has been also published from time to time who have pain they have latex beds.

Sustainable: It has durable characteristics than other types of mattresses. The number of open-cell structure flexible in nature and consistent offers durability than others. It’s almost going for 10-12 years with the same feelings of comforts as previous.

Smell free: Some mattresses might release the smell due to chemical linkage which might be serious for health perspectives. But latex is genuinely made with less volatile chemicals and no one experiences and complains about the smell.

100% Biodegradable: It is Eco-friendly and 100% Biodegradable because it contains all-natural elements with less volatile chemical reactions and fully recycles in nature after a certain period as well. The world is in the phase of save the environment and latex truly disposes or recycles within natural considerations.

Comfortable sleeping is essential to our body and it directly connects to our health. Latex mattresses stand top positions in the whole world with minimum disadvantage qualities. Latex has significant characteristics that genuinely make popular than other mattresses. True be to honor it will best for those who usually suffer from back pain and allergic problem frequently.

Examine your Budgets, lifestyles, Health of you and your family before making any critical decisions.


by Kushal Khanal



Snoring and Health Problems

Snoring and Health Problems

Snoring can be a sign of serious health problems
What causes snoring?

First things first snoring is that annoying sound people make when they are asleep, it occurs when air flows past relaxed tissues in your throat, causing the tissues to vibrate as you breathe. I have snored at some point and you probably do or might have or you have a partner that snores. Snoring according to Worapong Vejvechaneyom, M.D. is caused by a partially closed upper airway (nose and throat) which can disturb your sleep.

Snoring disturbs sleeping pattern of an individual and most often the partner too. It has unfortunately been linked to serious health issues such as hypertension, stroke, arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy (enlargement of the muscle tissue of the heart), congestive heart failure, diabetes and heart attacks.

Types of snoring

Now let’s talk about the type of snoring and you could recognise your or loved one snoring pattern, first one is Primary snoring which is a loud upper airway breathing sounds when one sleeps without episodes of apnea (cessation of breathing). This is not harmful however, it disturbs sleep for you and those around you.

Second one is Upper airway resistance and obstructive sleep apnea caused by a blockage of the airway, usually when the soft tissue in the rear of the throat collapses during sleep.


If you are experiencing these symptoms maybe it’s time to see the doctor or if you want my advice change your mattress, okay! Here we go; paused breathing during sleep, you can’t keep your eyes open in the day time,difficulty concentrating, morning headaches, sore throat when you wake up, restless sleep, Gasping or choking at night and High blood pressure.

Matthew Carter, PhD, a sleep specialist at Williams College believes there is a sleep crisis and it is caused by the need to prolong the day and put more hours of work. The side effects of this is people deprived of sleep enjoy the day less and they are not focused enough to be productive which defeats the objective. It will be important for future that researchers continue to explore the associations between job-related stressors, sleep quality, and workers’ health status.  Dr Carter is adamant that “You’re able to get more done on a good night’s sleep, not less.”

What can you do?

One thing you should do if you feel that snoring could threaten your health is to see a doctor, however, there are remedies that could work. Sleeping on a good mattress for one can help. Your mattress shophere can ultimately determine the position that you sleep in. As a result, it can cause or prevent snoring. We recommend an appropriately firm mattress such as King Koil Chiro Gold which has been certified by the International Chiropractors Association.

by Sbongile Mdhletshe

Sleeping patterns and productivity

Sleeping patterns and productivity

Sleeping too much or less determine can your productivity level

A study that was conducted in the American Journal of Health Promotion says that workers who sleep 10 or more hours might be experiencing lag in the workplace than those who sleep the recommended eight hours. says getting too much or too little sleep could result in impaired workplace productivity, however an average adult sleeps less than six hours a day which is not only linked to poor productivity but National Sleep Foundation of US, also weight gain, stress, and higher levels of illness which eventually translates into more days off due to illness. Oversleeping or undersleeping could be hazardous

Correlation between sleep and productivity

When looking at how sleep relates to productivity one has to examine a few factors such as how diet and exercise, lifestyle behaviours, and daily stress affect sleep patterns and quality.it has been observed that employees who are getting five or fewer hours of sleep each night generally are off work more often than employees who report getting a healthy 8 hours of sleep and those that sleep more hours than necessary. But then it is a researched (studies in Europe and Japan) fact that oversleeping is caused by “overwork”.

Is sleep crisis our culture?

Matthew Carter, PhD, a sleep specialist at Williams College believes there is a sleep crisis and it is caused by the need to prolong the day and put more hours of work. The side effects of this is people deprived of sleep enjoy the day less and they are not focused enough to be productive which defeats the objective. It will be important for future that researchers continue to explore the associations between job-related stressors, sleep quality, and workers’ health status.  Dr Carter is adamant that “You’re able to get more done on a good night’s sleep, not less.”


by Sbongile Mdhletshe

Bonnell Spring Vs Pocket Spring

What is Bonnell Spring?

If you remember how your grandparents’ bed looked and felt like then you will understand what Bonnell spring is. Also known as open coil spring but for those who can’t remember we got you covered. Bonnell is an interconnected piece of wire that is twisted and coiled to create a massive set of joined springs with no isolation in the spring unit as it compresses. One advantage of Bonnell springs is that it’s a durable material and has that traditional feel however most would consider them uncomfortable and its ability to contain movements.


What is a pocket spring?

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Pocket springs are individual springs wrapped in pockets of cotton or other materials, they are not interconnected by any metal wires. They can give support to the various curves of our body and help align our back as we sleep. Pocket springs can move individually because of the ability to reduce movements. The main advantage of the pocket spring mattress is that it prevents movement while we sleep, you are not disturbed by tosses and turns of your partner. It has durable materials and provides greater comfort. blood circulation becomes better, and sleep comfort increases.



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Pocket spring mattress is the best option and better value for money. Bonnell spring mattresses are better avoided due to their intense movement and users complain about feeling the springs at the edge of the bed. How do you know the mattress is Bonnell or pocket spring mattress the easiest and fun way to test if you have or are looking at a Bonnell spring or pocket sprung mattress is to slap the mattress on one side, while a friend or partner has their hand on the other side of the mattress. So, in a Bonnell spring mattress, when pressure is applied to one side of the mattress, it is felt on all sides of the mattress. At king Koil all our mattresses are spring pocket and compressed for easy delivery, our mattresses are superior by far.

by Sbongile Mdhletshe

Sleep your way to a healthy life

First things first

We all need sleep at some point, and experts agree that sleep is critical to health and wellbeing. Well, you basically need to sleep so you can have good physical, mental and emotional health. With sound memory, learning and growth, you can achieve all these with just sleep! so go on and hit that snooze button one more time! Some people swear to sleep as a beauty remedy we will leave that to the fairy godmother. However, most of us have experienced the havoc sleepless nights cause on our bodies. And we can attest to sleeping keeping us beautiful and increasing vitality and productivity.


What are the benefits of sleep?


The benefits of having a good night’s rest; according to an article published in Havard university . Sleep helps with a number of issues as mentioned above and it plays a critical role in immune function. Now let’s get to the crust of the matter; how to get this important aspect of our lives sorted? first, according to the National Sleep Foundation advise you, beautiful folks, to have a sleeping schedule how about that! Have the same bedtime and wake up time, even on the weekends; this part right here may be hard to attain for you party royals but at least try most weekends. Now the good doctors recommend eight hours of sleep a day! and that means we spend a third of our lives sleeping. And we should make that time count! what is important is making sure that your sleep is a healthy one at most.


Do this and not this!

First, create a sanctuary where you relax and exhale all the pressures of life. The second and most important, sleep a good, healthy and comfortable bed. We cannot stress this enough so if you want that comfortable bed you can shop here. Because https://kingkoil.co.th/ we believe we are the creators of sleep, comfortable sleep of course.


You cannot talk about healthy sleep and not mention exercise. Yes, royals moving that beautiful body side by side, back and forth! sometimes you don’t have to move from your comfortable King Koil mattresses. Drinking water to hydrate cut off that booze although a glass of wine occasionally won’t hurt. And this one just got to me! But royals are advised to not overindulge on food just before going to bed. So bring it down as the sunsets! Ciao!! till next time stay royal!

by Sbongile Mdhletshe