Bonnell Spring Vs Pocket Spring

What is Bonnell Spring?

If you remember how your grandparents’ bed looked and felt like then you will understand what Bonnell spring is. Also known as open coil spring but for those who can’t remember we got you covered. Bonnell is an interconnected piece of wire that is twisted and coiled to create a massive set of joined springs with no isolation in the spring unit as it compresses. One advantage of Bonnell springs is that it’s a durable material and has that traditional feel however most would consider them uncomfortable and its ability to contain movements.

What is a pocket spring?

Pocket springs are individual springs wrapped in pockets of cotton or other materials, they are not interconnected by any metal wires. They can give support to the various curves of our body and help align our back as we sleep. Pocket springs can move individually because of the ability to reduce movements. The main advantage of the pocket spring mattress is that it prevents movement while we sleep, you are not disturbed by tosses and turns of your partner. It has durable materials and provides greater comfort. blood circulation becomes better, and sleep comfort increases.


Pocket spring mattress is the best option and better value for money. Bonnell spring mattresses are better avoided due to their intense movement and users complain about feeling the springs at the edge of the bed. How do you know the mattress is Bonnell or pocket spring mattress the easiest and fun way to test if you have or are looking at a Bonnell spring or pocket sprung mattress is to slap the mattress on one side, while a friend or partner has their hand on the other side of the mattress. So, in a Bonnell spring mattress, when pressure is applied to one side of the mattress, it is felt on all sides of the mattress. At king Koil all our mattresses are spring pocket and compressed for easy delivery, our mattresses are superior by far.

by Sbongile Mdhletshe

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