Sleep your way to a healthy life

First things first

We all need sleep at some point, and experts agree that sleep is critical to health and wellbeing. Well, you basically need to sleep so you can have good physical, mental and emotional health. With sound memory, learning and growth, you can achieve all these with just sleep! so go on and hit that snooze button one more time! Some people swear to sleep as a beauty remedy we will leave that to the fairy godmother. However, most of us have experienced the havoc sleepless nights cause on our bodies. And we can attest to sleeping keeping us beautiful and increasing vitality and productivity.

What are the benefits of sleep?

The benefits of having a good night’s rest; according to an article published in Havard university . Sleep helps with a number of issues as mentioned above and it plays a critical role in immune function. Now let’s get to the crust of the matter; how to get this important aspect of our lives sorted? first, according to the National Sleep Foundation advise you, beautiful folks, to have a sleeping schedule how about that! Have the same bedtime and wake up time, even on the weekends; this part right here may be hard to attain for you party royals but at least try most weekends. Now the good doctors recommend eight hours of sleep a day! and that means we spend a third of our lives sleeping. And we should make that time count! what is important is making sure that your sleep is a healthy one at most.

Do this and not this!

First, create a sanctuary where you relax and exhale all the pressures of life. The second and most important, sleep a good, healthy and comfortable bed. We cannot stress this enough so if you want that comfortable bed you can shop here. Because we believe we are the creators of sleep, comfortable sleep of course.

You cannot talk about healthy sleep and not mention exercise. Yes, royals moving that beautiful body side by side, back and forth! sometimes you don’t have to move from your comfortable King Koil mattresses. Drinking water to hydrate cut off that booze although a glass of wine occasionally won’t hurt. And this one just got to me! But royals are advised to not overindulge on food just before going to bed. So bring it down as the sunsets! Ciao!! till next time stay royal!

by Sbongile Mdhletshe

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