KingKoil’s main focus is to deliver the most comfortable and uncompromised sleeping experience for our beloved guests. Therefore, we partnered and are the only brand world-wide that is endorsed by the International Chiropractic Association. We have nearly 50 years of collaborative efforts of learning and understanding of each body type and the interpretation of comfort, to assure that people from all over the world can experience a healthier night's sleep.

Handcrafted Mattresses

Your beds go straight from our manufacturing facilities to your doorstep, ensuring no intermediaries and therefore giving you optimal cost saving. We also have a corporate head office and multiple showrooms in Bangkok, to facilitate prospective customers in browsing and exploring our many products.

Roll Pack Technology

All of our mattresses are roll packed, meaning they are shrunk to about 60% of their original size, then vacuum packed. Once unpacked, these mattresses usually regain their shape in about two hours. This is beneficial to our users as it’s easy to maneuver and unpack into the room of your choice. Furthermore, it is easier to transport, more environmentally friendly, and reduces the exposure to dust.

Highest Quality Raw Materials

Our products are all handmade in USA, using the highest quality raw materials from the best suppliers. This helps to minimize the risk of defects taking place, while also ensuring a longer life span for the mattress. Furthermore, it also guarantees that our mattresses offer the utmost comfort with the highest level of support for stable skeletal alignment and position flexibility.

Try before you buy

We all sleep differently. That’s why we have a variety of different mattresses to choose from. Whether spring, latex or foam, every mattress at King Koil is designed to offer comfort and support at a good price. So, you just have to find the one that suits your body and your budget. Therefore, we offer you the ability to try the mattresses in our showrooms, allowing you to choose the mattress which best suits your preference.

Rigorous testing and Quality Control

Our quality control team also utilizes our Dream Compliance Lab to routinely verify our product standards remain top tier. Some of the machineries used in the lab have been highlighted below.

Rebound resilience test machines

It tests the elasticity of all foam used in our products prior to being approved for use in our finished products.

The Cornell testing machine

tests firmness retention, surface deformation and durability in our finished products by continuously pressing the mattresses over 100,000 times per cycle with a load of 260 lbs for 10.5 hours simulating 10 year product performance.

Fabric Inspection Rolling Machine

It checks for weaving, knitting defects and shade variations in fabrics to detect errors in fabric that are not easily noticeable to the human Eyes.

Hardness testing machine

Our firmness durability machine further tests every inch of our mattresses to ensure a consistent feel across the top panel.