Why King Koil?

Have you ever thought to yourself ‘I loved that hotel bed so much I really wish that I could bring it home with me?’

Well, thanks to King Koil now you can! We are the No.1 experts when it comes to building the ultimate mattresses – and what’s more – our prices are simply unbeatable. Find out more below why you can trust your purchase with us…


Your new King Koil mattress has a warranty of 10 years (depending on the model). Please retain a copy of your order confirmation as proof of purchase. The Warranty ensures that we will provide a repair or provide a replacement of the defective product.


King Koil offers free delivery nationwide on all orders over ฿1,999. That means you don’t have to take time out your valuable schedule to physically find and pick up your perfect mattress. Just leave it to us and we’ll deliver your dream mattress right to your door!


Enjoy 6 to 10 month 0% installments on purchase of any King Koil Mattress over ฿20,000, depending on the type of model. These instalments ensure that your final cost of buying a mattress is distributed into multiple months instead of one large sum of payment, giving you the financial flexibility to make budgeting simple and more manageable.


Our products are all handmade in Thailand, using the highest quality raw materials from the best suppliers. This helps to minimise the risk of defects taking place, while also ensuring a longer life span for the mattress. Furthermore, it also guarantees that our mattresses offer the utmost comfort with the highest level of support for stable skeletal alignment and position flexibility.


All of our mattresses are roll packed, meaning they are shrunk to about 60% of their original size, then vacuum packed. Once unpacked, these mattresses usually regain their shape in about two hours. This is beneficial to our users as it’s easy to manoeuvre and unpack into the room of your choice. Furthermore, it is easier to transport, more environmental friendly, and reduces the exposure to dust.


We all sleep differently. That’s why we have a variety of different mattresses to choose from. Whether spring, latex or foam, every mattress at King Koil is designed to offer comfort and support at a good price. So you just have to find the one that suits your body and your budget. Therefore, we offer you the ability to try the mattresses in our showroom, allowing you to choose the mattress which best suits your preference. If you are interested, please book an appointment here.